Libby Found Guilty

Scooter Libby was found guilty in his perjury and obstruction of justice trial an hour ago. From my perspective, this is a sad case of an overzealous prosecutor who built a case on a "he said, she said" set of evidence.

At the time that Libby was making his statements to the Grand Jury Fitzgerald knew there was no underlying crime. He also knew that Libby was not the source of the leak that made Plame's name the obsession of a rabid Washington press corps.

As such, it cannot be the case that any lies kept the truth from emerging, as Fitzgerald continues to maintain. The fact that Fitzgerald said in his post verdict statement that Plame's status was "classified" - a status that has no meaning in this context, also continues to discredit Fitzgerald and his argument.

The chances that Libby actually does any jail time are pretty small. There will be an appeal, and if that fails, I suspect Libby will get a presidential pardon. But this travesty demonstrates why the Congress got rid of the Independent Prosecutor statute.

Frankly, I blame John Ashcroft for this whole mess. For if he had had the guts to manage this investigation out of the Justice Department, it would been resolved quickly, efficiently and properly.

This whole thing would not have been possible without an agenda driven Washington press. My hope is that in solidarity with Scooter Libby, Republican politicians boycott Tim Russert and NBC News for a good long while. Of course keeping a politician off television is like keeping a starving man from food. But one can dream.



6:36 AM

In talking w/ my lib friends about this case, they are completely unaware that:

1) Valerie Plame was not an undercover agent. She had a desk job in Langely. Her status was classified. The law allows the excec branch to declassify anything it wants. It may not sound right but it's the law.

2) Joe Wilson paraded himself around on TV lying through his teeth stating that Cheney's office sent him to Niger, when it was Plame who pulled strings with the spooks to get him sent there.

When I explain these things, they look at me like I'm on another planet: "Where did you hear that?" they ask, as if to say it must have been some crackpot right-wing publication.

Hey, if it wasn't in the NYT or on NPR, they don't hear it. And it doesn't matter anyway b'c they hate Bush and Cheney and are willing to believe the worst about them and anyone who works for them.

End of rant ...


10:26 AM

Terry, don't stop! Keep ranting! This is better than Jake! On second thought, to be like Jake you must master not only the art of point-counterpoint, but also how to thoroughly offend your dinner guests...


3:37 AM

Strange, I don't see any mention of this editorial in the courant or
the new york times. Curious.

"A bipartisan investigation by the Senate intelligence committee
subsequently established that all of these claims [by former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV] were false -- and that Mr. Wilson was recommended for the Niger trip by Ms. Plame, his wife... The [Libby] trial has provided convincing evidence that there was no conspiracy to punish Mr. Wilson by leaking Ms. Plame's identity -- and no evidence that she was, in fact, covert... The former ambassador will be remembered as a
blowhard. Mr. Cheney and Mr. Libby were overbearing in their zeal to
rebut Mr. Wilson and careless in their handling of classified
information. Mr. Libby's subsequent false statements were reprehensible. And Mr. Fitzgerald has shown again why handing a
Washington political case to a federal special prosecutor is a
prescription for excess. Mr. Fitzgerald was, at least, right about one thing: The Wilson-Plame case, and Mr. Libby's conviction, tell us nothing about the war in Iraq" -- Washington Post editorial.


3:54 AM

Paul... I did start a post on the WaPo editorial which essentially made the same point. But I've been deep in trying to configure a new iteration Windows Vista, which is a bear to say the least.

The Washington and New York papers making these points now is enough to drive me to distraction, as they were the ones driving the whole circus. And both have misreported the Wilson lies for years now, let alone their reporting one thing and having their lawyers argue another behind the scenes. It's probably good that I didn't have the time to write today, as I probably would have said something mean about the paper (WaPo) where my cousin's wife is an editor (not that she knows who writes this blog).

In any case, it is too bad that so much time has been wasted on this whole affair, and I feel quite badly for Mr Libby, who was doing nothing more than his job. All this conspiracy stuff was just so ridiculous that maybe, just maybe, the wiser of the folks in the media will have learned something.

Nice to have you here and please come back any time.


6:08 AM

"the wiser of the folks in the media will have learned something"-
you haven't started doing drugs have you?


12:56 PM