Kissinger on a New World Order

Henry Kissinger went on Charlie Rose the other night and offered some interesting insights into where we are in history and what strategic imperatives may emerge in the next five years.

Kissinger sees the recent meeting of ambassadors in Baghdad as something very important. Apparently it is the first meeting of West, East (including India) and Middle East to ensure that the oil keeps flowing. We are now seeing the newly emerging global powers starting to move beyond their strictly mercantilist foreign policies. This is new and something that would not have happened so soon if the US has not jumped with both feet into the Middle East.

Charlie Rose, as is normal, pushed the "Bush is a disaster" meme, and tried to bring the conversation down to domestic politics several times. But Kissinger powered on and eventually Rose simply shut up and listened.

John Burns was less than his normally impressive self. Skip straight to Kissinger (19:37).