The Kathy Sierra Story

I've been watching the Kathy Sierra story for a couple of days now, even before it bubbled up into the political blogosphere. Ms. Sierra is a fine tech blogger who has had her life threatened by several young, male techie types. Yesterday, Kathy announced she would not appear in at a conference in San Diego. She was frightened that some of these crazies would attack.

I bring this up because of the Howard Kurtz article noted below here and here. To reiterate, Mr. Kurtz has tried to make the case that all the blogosphere is universally coarse and aggressive. My point has been that the lefty blogs are clearly more aggressive and that it is only fair to say so.

The tech blogs don't necessarily fit comfortably into this debate. Many of the hard core tech types argue passionately about various types of technologies until, as in Kathy's case, they go over the top. But it is fair to say that on tech sites like Digg, the comments made on conservative posts are almost completely negative and nasty. My one attempt several months ago to delve into that particular cesspool was met with incredible nastiness. (No link due to privacy concerns).

Little Green Footballs has documented the effort to silence speech on Digg. Digg offers the ability to "digg down" a post, as in voting individual stories down the hierarchy so that no one sees the article. It is common for the regular Digg users to use this strategy against LGF. Normally the concerted effort to stifle speech on that site is accompanied with nasty remarks from the horde of regular liberal leaning readers.

All this might be expected from an open, freewheeling environment. But again, let's not pretend that those acting like thugs don't generally hold the same kinds of left leaning politics. Even on the tech blogs, the roughians are of a particular political strip. Just ask Kathy Sierra.

Update: As if any more evidence were necessary, read this. Despicable.