An Important New American

This Wall Street Journal article about Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a must read for people who may not have been watching her over the years. I've been following her public life in the news since a note about her was stabbed to the chest of Theo Van Gogh several year ago. It was a travesty what happened to her afterwards (read the article) and the Dutch politicians responsible are better unemployed.

She's now at the American Enterprise Institute (where I am registered and have attended various lectures). The AEI is the perfect platform for her to speak openly and honestly about Islam.

But the thing that she really brings to political debate in the US is the ability to face the liberal appeasement crowd with hard facts about how Islam is practiced in much of the world. Her gender, minority status, and experiences enable her to face the PC appeasement apologists without the standard accusations of racism and sexism.

It is rather delicious to see her in action (and it doesn't hurt that she's absolutely gorgeous). On a recent Bill Maher show she answered all the standard flatulent jibes from the host and and other guests with straight forward facts. A pall fell over the show and chatter boxes all shut up and just listened. What she said was all new to them and they had no responses.

The fact that Ms. Ali can come to the United States and speak freely on television and in other venues says a great deal about this country. From my perspective, she is a welcome addition to our country and hopefully will be a catalyst for modernizing Islam.