Harry Smith... Incompetent Ass

Watch this if you want to see why half of CBS News' potential audience would rather eat rat droppings than watch CBS. It was of course the "Tiffany Network" that used forged documents in an attempt to discredit a sitting president weeks before a national election. So their credibility as a "non-partisan" source of news is in doubt, to say the least.

In this particular case, Harry Smith makes no effort to interview Tony Snow, but rather just uses his time on the air to rant on, framing the Federal Prosecutor flap in a way that will ensure that CBS and the rest of the pathetic Washington media can flog the story for another month (not that I mind, as I noted below). It doesn't even come close to objective journalism. What a joke.

My only question is, who is it that watches these silly morning shows? Are there really people who wake up in the morning, switch on the TV, and watch this drivel?

And don't miss the stunning finale. Harry Smith proclaims that Snow "owes" him the truth. What an ass.



4:30 PM

I watched that. Twice. The second time I closed my eyes and I could have sworn on a stack of transcripts that it wasn't Harry Smith badgering Snow. It could have been Bill O'Reilly. Watch it again. Close your eyes. I swear it's true. It sounds like some technical genius had O'Reilly's voice and tone of same come out of Harry's mouth. That said. Snow handles himself so well in these situations. I don't know how much they pay him, but for many reasons, it ain't nearly enough.


4:45 PM

Like I said... what an ass.


5:53 PM

I should also mention that Smith claims to be a journalist. Comparing a commentator and a journalist isn't really useful. Not that I'd make a practice of defending O"Reilly. But the standard criticism of the left is to note comments made on Fox opinion shows to demonstrate bias in their news reporting. That's like my saying that CNN is biased because of what Larry King says.


6:22 PM

You say comparing a journalist and a commentator is not really useful. OK. I'll take your point, but up to a point. I'm not sure what you call those people who appear regularly on those egregious morning " news " shows. The Today Show started in the early 1950s and starred Dave Garroway, Jack Lescoule and a chimpanzee. We haven't come all that far in 50 years. I think it's safe to say they're all entertainers. The O'Reillys, Smiths. The lot of them. And can thus be compared...

Sometimes to chimpanzees.


9:37 PM

And don't forget Frank Blair on the Today Show. Jake and I know something about him. I seem to recall a condo that looked like the inside of a watermelon.

I like it when journalists ask tough questions, but it's often how you ask the question that determines whether you are an ass. And using that yardstick, Smith looked like a petulant lightweight.

I think in some ways it is fair to compare straight journalists with commentators in the interviewing arena. Complete objectivity is impossible. All you can expect of an interviewer is that s/he be fair. Even pundits can do that.

Smith's closing comment about Snow "owing him" an explanation says it all. To Harry, it's all about Harry. So it goes in TV land.


9:50 PM

Frank definitely considered himself a journalist, but from what I can remember, he didn't do interviews. He just read the news.

Speaking of that, I tried to track down Patty recently down here in SC. Last time I talked to her she lived in Columbia, but I couldn't find her. Hope she's doing well.


5:33 PM

A condo that looked like the inside of a watermelon? What the heck do you guys have on Frank Blair, Terry #1? You really know how to grab the attention of the hyper-curious news junkies among us.


6:22 PM

We went to high school with his daughter. She was my first big flame. Their place if Florida had a questionable interior decorator. I lived with Frank and the family one summer and got a mention in his auto bio.


5:01 PM

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity re: Blair. You never cease to amaze.I wonder if my good friend, the gentleman from Jacksonville knows that interior decorator. There's this seedy place he knows of in St.Augustine...