The Guy Who Walked By

So today Ms/Mrs Plame/Wilson was in front of congress for some high drama. Unfortunately, it looks as if the Republicans came unarmed. It would have been nice if at least one of them had been properly briefed. But alas, apparently she was judged to be too blond, too attractive and too sympathetic to The View viewers for any tough questions. Let feminism reign.

But someone did ask whether Val suggested her husband for the Niger gig. The Senate subcommittee on Intelligence found this to be the case when they did their inquiry several years ago. But the mother of twins begged to differ. She maintained today that it was "a guy who walked by" her desk who originally made the suggestion.

Ok, so here's her scenario. She's sitting at her desk and a guy comes up and they have a little chat. After a little kibitzing they go to their boss and discuss the matter. Val is told to follow up with an email (the one the Senate committee used to confirm her involvement). The next day Prince Joe comes into Langley for an interview and soon he is winging off to Niger.

Fast forward a couple of years. Joe Wilson has produced his work of fiction and is on a nationwide book tour. Time after time he says that his wife was not involved with his going to Niger. In fact, he says that Vice President Cheney requested the trip, which we know now was not the case.

This whole silly affair is water under the bridge, except for the sad fact that Scooter Libby is looking at thirty years for a lousy memory. The damsel so insidiously wronged has just signed a multi-million dollar book deal and the terms of the movie rights are being worked out. And now we learn that when she and her husband said she "had no involvement", she meant that it was actually a guy in the initial conversation who mentioned the name first. Reminds me of the definition of "is" debate.

The other day I was lamenting in a conversation with my uncle that Scooter Libby got screwed by an out of control prosecutor. He told me not to feel sorry for anyone in politics because the prerequisite for any political position is that the person needs to be a "shit". That may be true, but there are certainly degrees. Joe Wilson and his platinum blond wife are certainly at the dirtier end of the shit spectrum.