The Guardian

The Coast Guard never gets the attention it deserves. And neither did The Guardian, a movie released last year about Coast Guard swimmers, starring Kevin Costern and Ashton Kutcher.

I watched the movie last night and really enjoyed it. Not great art, but good entertainment. But one thing. It is a travesty that due to the politicization of Hurrican Katrina, very few people know that Coast Guard personnel may have saved up to 75,000 lives in New Orleans. It was one of the biggest life saving operations in history and was roundly ignored. This movie mentioned it once, but frankly, seemed a little reluctant to trumpet it as would have been appropriate. And I think we all know why.

In any case, for a good action flick with some good military harrassment school scenes, The Guardian is worth watching.

Further thoughts: USCG swimmer school looked a helluva lot easier than Navy Dive School (which I attended). Yes, there was the pushing the cinder blocks under water the length of the pool. But they didn't do the "fight for the penny" at the bottom of the pool that we did. (In that particular exercise the instructor throws a penny to the bottom of the pool and everyone fights to get at it. And when I say fight, I mean fight.) Nor did they have to tread water in full dive kit for an hour like we did. They did their's in just swim gear. Pussies.