FYI, Re R & D

Democrats are happy to say that middle and lower middle income Americans "vote against their interests" when they vote for Republicans. It is a silly thing to say, as the middle income brackets pay a higher level of their disposable income on taxes than do the upper and lower quintiles. But that doesn't stop people from saying it.

On the other hand, Silicon Valley tech types and college professors seem to be voting against their interests when they vote for Democrats...

First, it appears that President Clinton trimmed R&D each year he was in office, until R&D fell from 1.2% to just 0.8% of GDP. The brief budget surplus he took credit for near the end of his term was largely at the expense of R&D expenditures. Had he maintained R&D expenditures at the same percentage of GDP throughout his Presidency, he would not have achieved a budget surplus. Now tell me, which outcome would you have rather had?

President Bush increased R&D funding and got it back to historical levels in his first term. However, his second term has brought another slight downward trend, which I hope is reversed in the next few years. He is still keeping it higher than it was for most of the Clinton years, however.