Free Advertising for Hillary

Good Morning America is so far in the bag for Hillary Clinton it's embarrassing. There are hourly spots on the ABC web stream announcing an upcoming appearance by Mrs. Cinton. They have the look and feel of campaign advertisements. The ads are so transparently partisan that you have to feel bad for anyone at GMA who might want to lay claim to journalist integrity.

Before people jump on this and say, "well, Fox does this, too", take a look at the ad. If Fox is this blatantly partisan, I'll eat my hat. Fox may be sympathetic to Republicans, but they don't run advertisements for them. You don't see highly produced ten second spots for Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney. Someone at ABC is out of control.

Mark Halprin, a leading figure at ABC, has written a book in which he says that conservatives have a right to be disappointed by the "appearance" of bias in the media. He is on air at the ABC website on a daily basis and was for a long while the editor of ABC's "The Note". I have to think that as Chief Political Editor (which I believe is his title), he had a hand in this Hillary promo.

Hey Mark, remember when you went on the Hugh Hewitt Show and claimed that you yourself were nonpartisan? Remember when Hugh simply didn't believe you? Remember how you called back the next day and whined about how Hugh was being unfair? Now take a look at your promo for the Hillary show and tell us that this is straight down the middle. Jeez...

As I noted below, Harry Smith and the rest of the crew at GMA can't be considered journalists if the their objective is to attack the right and promote the left. They can be considered commentators, but not journalists.

From the looks of things, they'll soon need to start filing their show promos with the FEC as in-kind campaign contributions.



11:29 AM

I've said it before...

I think all of them, whatever you want to call them, TV journalists or commentators - are, in fact, entertainers these days. It probably started with Murrow. That hair. That cigarette. The drama. Hard for me to not think he had Bogart in mind when the red On The Air light went on. Even Jim Lehrer, who's probably the closest we come these days to an actual journalist, has a need to entertain. But he has an outlet; writes novels. You can't watch TV news these days without seeing evidence everywhere that we're, as one author put it, " entertaining ourselves to death. " I'm trying hard to give up watching it. For every minute of actual news, there 's nine or ten minutes of Anna Nicole, The Runaway Bride, Lacy Peterson, Natalee dead in Aruba, Miss USA kissing Miss Teenage America. It goes on and on. It's on in the Dunkin' Donuts where I get my coffee. It's on at the bank where I cash my checks. It's hard to get away from Anna Nicole, who entertained herself to death. Literally. Harry Smith a journalist? Look at his pay stub. That's not what news guys get paid.