The Fox News Lineup

Now that I have Fox News streaming 24/7 on my desktop, I have become quite the aficionado of cable news anchors, if only the Fox type. There are certain qualifications for success. First, these folks need to be quick on their feet, well spoken and entertaining. But let's not be pretend that they don't have to be good looking. After all, television is a visual medium.

There are Fox anchors who are simply drop dead gorgeous. But that is not enough. There are Fox anchors who know how to bring in an audience. But tabloid journalism isn't my thing. There are Fox anchors who have been instrumental in changing the way television news is delivered, which is really quite a feat. And finally, there are Fox anchors who have finally provided an alternative to the left leaning straight news at the major networks.

But for the whole package, I particularly like this one. She's smart, attractive, and well spoken. Maybe she reminds me of someone, I'm not sure. But she certainly makes makes the mid-day news enjoyable.



5:34 PM

Greta without a gallon of Botox gives new meaning to my neighbors cry of "Scare me!" She should take to smoking cigars on air; it would make her talking out the side of her mouth more palatable...




9:27 PM

Yarch indeed. Shephard Smith is a smarmy twerp. I like the cranky Brit Hume. Is he still with Fox?

As for the dystaff side, I like Laurie Dhue's evocative sensuality. She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but with lips like those ...

My new rule w/ cable news is I sometimes watch, but if there is even the slightest mention of Anna Nicole or Britney Spears, the channel is changed immediately. I want gossip about Greta ...