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10:00 PM

" He was careful to have men under him who were not quite as bright as he was, and he particularly understood the dangers of talent... "

That's from Stephen Hunter's " Point of Impact " which is the 1993 novel upon which Mark Wahlberg's new movie " Shooter " is based.

I'm reading that now. It's a terrific book. The writing reminds me of James Lee Burke's novels set in The Big Easy. It reminds me of Christopher Whitcomb. And, written 14 or so years ago, it's so very on target, relevant.

At least that paragraph is.


1:45 AM

Sounds good. Amazon describes it as "a thinking man's Rambo". That would be right down my alley. Actually, I liked the first Rambo movie a lot. The later ones were terrible, as will the next one to come out. But the first one was quite good, in a cultish kind of way.

Sounds like you know all the good CIA /FBI type novels. I don't know enough of which are the good ones, so please send along advice. I've read all the James Bond, Blackford Oakes, WEB Griffith and John D McDonald books. But that's about it. Like I said, not too well versed.

I don't like the guy who writes about horse racing. That's a little light weight for me. But some high quality cops and robbers or spy novels I would like to know about.


9:21 AM

The gentleman from Jacksonville probably is a better person to ask, but I'll give you my tips. For what they're worth. Spy novels. I think I've mentioned John Banville, winner of UK's Booker Prize last year. He's the literary editor of the Irish Times, but is also very good at spy novels. The Untouchable is a LeCarre kind of read, a fictionalized tale of spies recruited out of Cambridge between the wars. Hits a responsive chord with me because I was stationed at the RAF base that played a major role in the cracking of the German codes. Bletchley Park and all that rot. And, of course, there's LeCarre. Another very good writer who's written a string of spy novels with an Israeli guy as his main character is Daniel Silva. He's married to an NBC correpondent, from whom he must get tons of material. Very topical stuff set in places like London, Paris, etc. Alan Furst is excellent. Spies during WWII. Crime? Ya gotta read Michael Connelly, a former police beat reporter, his character Harry Bosch is a guy you want to have a beer with ( My ultimate praise )Well, that should keep you busy for a while. Maybe the genius from JaxVille will check in with some thoughts. He reads a lot,including your blog regularly.