Dumbing Down the News

The worst thing about the John Stewart's show is the audience. Every time Stewart throws out a lightweight jab at anything out of line with the liberal orthodoxy, the audience hoots and hollers in support. Makes you think twice about how they screen for available seats. Maybe there's an IQ test given at the door and anyone scoring it triple digits is put out.

Anyway, Stewart's ignorance was on display last night when for some odd reason, John Bolton went on the show. As usual Stewart served up his thin gruel of liberal talking points peppered with caustic remarks. Bolton made repost with serious responses, which openly displayed Stewart's embarrassing ignorance of how democratic government as practiced in Washington. You can watch here, and read a more in depth review Worldwide Standard blog (link broken).

I find the whole Comedy Central phenomenon really quite tiresome and wish mostly that it would just go away. If Stewart, Colbert et al can't make light of politics in a way that pokes fun without pushing an unenlightened liberal agenda, then there is really no reason to bother with them. And they do make you feel sorry for the mushy minds in the audience who find it all so amusing.



6:43 PM

You're right about the mindless hooting and howling from the Daily Show crowd. It's annoying. Just as annoying to me as the " ditto heads " who worship the ground Rush Limbaugh talks on. I dislike Limbaugh intensely. I don't find him funny, and I think his arguments are, for the most part, specious. When Clinton was President, he was all over him all the time. Just as Stewart is now with George W. Bush. Turnabout's fair play, I guess.


9:27 PM

Jake, Agree completely about Stewart. And, Terry #2, the analogy to Limbaugh holds quite nicely. But I'm not so sure about Colbert.

Often it seems like he is poking fun at Papa Bear O'Reilly and the purported ignorance of people on the right.

But sometimes he stabs at the hypocrisy of the left so deftly and so passionately that I suspect he actually believes some of it.

I guess that's why I like Colbert. I'm not sure where he actually stands. Plus, he is LOL funny at least once a night.