The Calendar Is Coming!

More info here and here. JP, stay calm.



9:22 PM

I can say that I did sleep with an M4 carbine for a year, but I never thought of it in this context...??



Chris Muir

9:30 PM

Yarch, indeed, JP.


10:58 PM

A certified celebrity commenter! Thanks for stopping by Chris. And thanks for all the great strips. BTW, I am in love with Sam. I was crushed when I lost her to Zed.

Chris Muir

11:49 AM

I was bummed, too!

Chris Muir

11:50 AM

Where are my manners?

Thanks so much for having the toon here, Jake.


1:34 PM

My pleasure Chris. Glad you don't mind. I was a bit worried about fair use and all that.

Looking forward to the rest of the calendar!

Chris Muir

10:28 AM

Calendar's a'comin'.

And DBD is meant to be distributed for free, and for people to put on their sites.