Better Than Something

Right now, every news channel is streaming Tony Snow's daily press briefing.

It occurs to me that this Federal Prosecutor flap is good news. While every journalist in Washington is chasing his/her tail trying to find something to tag the Bush Administration with, they aren't reporting on things that have any impact on anyone. That can only be a good thing.

Given all the damage that the press and the Democracts can do, better to keep them chasing their tails over this than something that actually matters. Everyone else can go forward unencumbered.

Meanwhile congressional approval ratings are the lowest they have been in decades and are on a continued downward spiral. I'm liking 2008 already.

And another thing. The reason the Dems are latching onto this type of silliness is because the Republicans have shut down their legislative agenda full stop. If the Dems were able to pass new laws, they wouldn't be playing gotcha. So we can thank the Lord for that, too.

Another fine day in Red State country.



4:21 PM

One comment on 2 posts. Tony Snow's an impressive spokesman. Very good at what he does, but he was probably a little shaken when his 1998 column criticizing Clinton's use of Exec Priv was quoted. His has to be one of the tougher jobs in the world, and it's not made easier by the fact that he's a former news guy with a ( News ) paper trail.

Loved your review of " The Departed " which I haven't see yet. I agree with your take on Mark W. A multi-talented, multi-dimentional guy who got his start in that group New Kids on the Block.

As for the title of the flick. The Dems probably are hoping " The Departed " will soon decribe what happens to Fredo. Not the character in that other mob movie ( The Godfather II, ot III, not sure which ). Alfredo Gonzales.