As Silly as it Gets

"This is as serious as it gets."

Chuck Schumer

No, Chuck, this is as silly as it gets. If the politicians in Washington want to know why they are held in such low regard, they can use today's news cycle for reference. The Democrats are trying to make a political mountain out of the firing of eight federal prosecutors - people who serve in political jobs at the pleasure of the president.

Let alone that Clinton fired all ninety FPs when he came into office. And let alone that one of the eight fired was dragging his feet in prosecuting an election fraud case against some Democrat election group in New Mexico. The fact is that the president hires and fires the people in the federal government for POLITICAL reasons, thank you very much.

The Washington press corps is making a mockery of itself by pushing this story. Another day, another silly story coming out of Washington. Earth to the Beltway. We're fighting a war and we don't give a damn about your petty politics.



9:34 PM

If this is so silly, why did Gonzalez's chief of staff quit over it?

David Boies, a partisan Democratic (not "Democrat;" why do Republicans like you always change the name of the enemy party?) Party operative who represented Gore in the 2000 Florida recounts, was on Scarborough tonight and said it did not appear to be a violation of the law, but it was troubling that the Bush admin would fire US attys in the middle of a term for political reasons. (Clinton did it right at the start of his term)

However, it is ironic that the Dems who are in such high dudgeon over this were mute when Clinton fired the entire White House travel office (for what?).


3:12 AM

Gonzalez's Chief of Staff was heading out the door before this all started.

And Republicans don't use the word "democratic" when referring to Democrats because we know it irritates them. Pretty simple.

Those points out of the way, now maybe we can concentrate on the election fraud cases in Washington and New Mexico against Democrat groups. And while wer're at it maybe we can take a look at the cases in Missouri and Wisconsin and Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Come to think of it, maybe the reason Republicans don't use the term "democratic" when referring to the opposing party is that they try to defraud the "democratic" process so often.


7:45 PM

A GOP senator (Sununu) has now called for Alberto's head. Is the story still a media concoction?


9:13 PM