A Woman, A Black and A Mormon

There was a lot of excitement with Nancy Pelosi became the first woman to be Speaker of the House. There was a lot of ink spilled about Joe Lieberman being the first Jew on a presidential ticket in 2000, all quite positive. Needless to say, the MSM is overjoyed to have on Barack Obama in the presidential race, as the color of his skin seems to be important, even though Jesse Sharpton have been running for president for twenty years.

But what about the first Mormon in the White House? Is the press excited by another ground breaking political milestone? Are they writing about Mitt Romney's "compelling life story", or how far the country has come?

Not likely.



10:26 PM

What weasel words the USAT uses -- his Mormonism "may be less than a blessing ...". Ugh ... !

I think once the campaign begins, Mitt's religion will be less of an issue than his flip-flopping.

Americans are distrustful of political chameleons -- which is why Kerry went down in flames in 2004 and why Hillary will not live in the White House again.

You heard it here ...


4:42 AM

can you stand to have one more commenter named Terry? My friend Terry McCarthy turned me on to your satisfying blog- thought we were kindred spirits. Re Mormonism- isn't the Senate Majority leader LDS? where's the concern about his religion? And I'm old enough and political junkie enough to remember George Romney's White House run and cannot remember concern about his faith.
Terry Collins


5:34 PM

Hey Terry/3... Welcome aboard, the more Terrys the merrier. And thanks for your kind remarks.

I too am old enough to remember George Romney. I supported him (as much as an eight year old can support anyone) in the NH primary in '68. He was my guy and I was heartbroken when he was torn apart by the press. And neither do I remember a word about his faith. Looks like we haven't made as much progress on "social issues" as one would have thought. In a any case, thanks for your comment.