Time to Set Fire to the Cinaplex

I say, seems Americans aren't the only ones who do cultural imperialism. I've successfully navigated life without reading or seeing anything Harry Potter. But if Mark Steyn is correct, the Brits foisting their class conscious culture on us certainly justifies lighting up the torches and heading off to the the Cinaplex for an over sized weenie roast. I mean, everyone else does it, right?

Plus, I bear the emotional scars of four years in one of the hell holes they inspired.


Terrence McCarthy

9:05 PM

I spent much of my youth on the playing fields of Williston Academy ( Now Williston-Northampton ) I still keep in touch with my old friend Glen Swanson. Swanee's Dean of Students there, and was one hell of an athlete when he was a student in that particular hell hole.

Your latest also brought back memories of the two years I was stationed in the U.K. I was the only one in my squadron who ever heard of the Eton Wall Game. You familiar with that one?


10:31 PM

Not sure if the Eton Wall Game is the same as "Fives", but if so, we did a bunch of that at my school. Terry Cowgill was the class champ, if I remember correctly. Ask him. I'm sure he's a fountain of knowledge on that subject.