This Could Be Big

Finally. Someone important is saying the obvious publicly. Amazing. I'm not surprised it came from the technology industry, which suffers from the lousy school system in America.



6:06 PM

Interesting that Dell backed up the unions. I think Mickey Kaus has a theory on that:

If Jobs is a Democrat,** he's a New Democrat! ...P.S.: In response, Dell CEO and founder Michael Dell--who sells mainly non-Apple Windows-based machines--defended the unions. ... Windows, kludgy Old Dem! Apple, New Dem! Just what you would have thought. ... P.P.S.: Jobs might have added "no amount of well-meaning educational donations from the Gates Foundation would improve public schools nearly as much as allowing principals to fire bad teachers." ...

Mickey for president!!!!!!!!


4:27 PM

Jake, your genius (?) is shining through. You beat the WSJ editorial page to this story by a day, a tendency of yours which is becoming a habit. Well done, sir.


4:30 PM

I kinda beat that Forbes story too, no?