Skype Going Mobile?

It looks like Skype is making a pitch to the FCC to get into the mobile market. The Skype fans out there know how big that would be. If they do force their way on the mobile digital networks, and recreate what they have done to land line services, we could very well have no or low cost mobile service in the coming years.

I was originally skeptical about replacing my land lines with Skype. But since having done so, I can't tell you how pleased I've been. The quality of calls is as good as any traditional telephone and the total cost, including voice mail, free calls in the US and Canada, and extremely low international rates is about $70 per year. There are many other services also, including Instant Messaging, conferencing and a web site that manages all your contacts and information. It is a very good deal and I hope we get Skype mobile soon.