A Nugget Against "Truthiness"

Frank Rich of the New York Times editorial page is, of course, a first rate ass. Christopher Hitchens details the extent that this is true in his review of Rich's latest pathetic contribution to your local library's anti-Bush shelf space. Hitchen's wraps up his critique with this particular nugget of exemplary prose:

A goodly chunk of Rich's book, and of the portentous and padded "time-line" section that makes up a great part of it, is rendered entirely nugatory thereby. The remainder can stand as an instance of the weed-like spread of second-order media phenomena such as "truthiness," and as a warning to those who suppose that the profound can be deduced from an intense but myopic scrutiny of the superficial.



5:35 PM

In many ways, Hitchens is a throwback to the cigarette-breathing, scotch-drinking, rumpled intellectual.

Those qualities (along with his disdain for the loathsome Rich) endear him to me, mostly because I dare not smoke, cannot afford good scotch and do not read the NYT anymore.

Hitch is brilliant, even if I think he is a little loony on Iraq.

Terrence McCarthy

8:10 PM

I know Frank Rich. Have chatted with him many, many times over the past few years. He is not an ass. And he is far from loathsome. I have not always agreed with him, but when we agree to disagree, he is always the gentleman.


9:59 PM

I'm not sure there's anything mutually exclusive about being a gentleman and being an ass.