Not One of the Faithful

This post by Glenn Reynolds is good summation of my stance on global warming. In particular:

Do I "believe in " global warming? In the sense that the world seems to be warmer now than in recent history, yes. The more apocalyptic scenarios seem to me to remain unproven, but certainly cause for concern.

Do I believe that global warming is anthropogenic? Not so clear. Plausible, but still far from certain.

Does this matter? Probably not. Regardless of what you think of the above, burning carbon is a lousy idea. Coal and oil are, over the long term, far more valuable as chemical feedstocks than as fuels anyway, and burning them is unacceptably filthy regardless of greenhouse issues. We should replace them as soon as possible with nice, clean, greenhouse-friendly nuclear plants and other environmentally friendly power technologies. Burning less carbon is good planetary hygiene, and good practice generally, regardless of what you think of global warming. So, I suppose, in a way we should be pursuing global warming remedies regardless of what you think about global warming.

Read the whole thing. I like his idea to start by making the global warming "stars" give up their private jets. But there are other good thoughts to contemplate.