Legal Advice

After the testimony of FBI Agent Bond in the Libby trial last week, it is even more apparent that the government prosecution of Scooter Libby is baseless, if not something worse. And given that there is now precedent for a special prosecutor going after administration officials without a crime being involved and based on the flimsy conflicting recollections of a hostile witnesses, Clarice Feldman has some legal advice for future administration officials:

Indeed, that is my advice to all of you under the present circumstances, should you ever be questioned in an investigation: Lawyer up, unless the FBI gets honest and uses videotapes or prosecutors stop such nonsense.

And the next time there's a president who agrees to the appointment of such a "special special prosecutor" and demands the cooperation of all officials and staff with it, everyone working for him should resign and take the Fifth.

Working in the White House is hard, thankless, underpaid work. It is too much to ask that one should also agree to be a piƱata for an unsupervised, unreasonable, utterly abusive proceeding like this.