Fear at Davos

From The Guardian:

The way the Davos attendees treated the web - as both the most important thing in the world, and the most trivial toy they could safely ignore - was telling. Mostly it was fear. You guys, blessed blog readers, scare the Davos attendees silly. The entire conference had the air of panic of a sort that reminded me of Marie Antoinette frantically kneading dough. Openness, conversation, the worldwide electronic harmony of man - all were talked about in the way that comment threads here on Cif go when columnists get thoughtful about their place in the world.

It is interesting that the Davos attendees are coming to realize, like elites in journalism, academia and politics, that the internet is a credible threat to their advantaged positions.

Read the whole post. At the end, after laying the Davos people bare, the Guardian journalist shows his own old journalism stripes.

And then read this from Jeff Jarvis. He effectively describes a future where social networks replace our hierarchical, elite power structures. It makes a lot of sense and I see it happening all around us every day.