Computer Hell Update

Call me the the anti-Geek. In a half-assed effort the clean up my operating system, I wiped my hard drive completely clean and now my lame HP Desktop is more useful as a doorstop than for web surfing. As a result, tomorrow I'm off to my local computer guy Harry to have the a new motherboard installed with spiffy new dual core processors and a copy of Windows Vista. After that, the only original component left will be the computer housing. Thanks for the memories, HP.

So I'm working off my three year old lap top which is a good road machine but doesn't have the processing power to support my big screens. It's working surprising well, given its measly little 900kg processor. But it isn't near enough to handle my business and trading software packages.

And one other computer related note. I mentioned below that I found a service that streams Fox News for free (as well as the Fox Network, CBS, Bloomberg, and bunch of other channels). Well, I figured out how to set it up so that it sits in the corner of my monitor. As a result, I've been watching Fox News for the first time in several years. Initial observations:

1) Fox News seems to be more conservative than it used to be. In fact, it is approaching a level of conservatism that is more to the right than I am. That pretty much amazes me.
2) The Anna Nicole Smith stuff is ridiculous. It is more over the top than the Chanda Levy or that blond bim to got whacked Antigua, or wherever it was. Cable news is heading to the bottom of the intellectual food chain faster than I could ever have imagined.
3) That Fox comedy show (The Half Hour News Hour) is NOT funny. The problem is that it only takes shots at the left. As such, it comes off as mean and nasty. I doubt it will last.
4) Michelle Malkin's new show on blogging (first show last night) needs to get better if it wants to survive. I normally like the girl who represents the left on the show, but she didn't do well last night. Maybe with some practice she'll get better. Malkin, on the other hand, was very polished and well spoken. She's also totally hot when they doll her up. I just wish she'd mellow out on her blog. She can be downright nasty when she gets going.

Anyway, sorry for the light blogging. I hope Harry can turn the PC around in a week or so. We'll see tomorrow.



9:08 AM

I have owned a simple iMac (circa 2003) for years now and have never had a problem. It only has an 800mh processor and 768 megs of RAM. But it effectively is much faster than 800 b'c the pre-Intel Mac chips were calibrated differently from Pentium, so it's actually a fairly speedy unit. But I don't need to power a big Gateway screen the way you do. Hope Harry can set you straight.

I agree about Fox. It has become more aggressive in its conservative bias than even a year ago. That morning crew (the one that made the 'madrassa' charge against Obama) is particularly offensive and amateurish.

But that having been said, I'm glad Fox exists b'c it is so much fun seeing libs rail against bias in the news media. Hey, what goes around ...

Actually the best cable news show I have seen is MSNBC's Tucker Carlson, whom I sometimes watch on the treadmill. I don't believe he did any Anna Nicole stuff and his discussions of political strategy can be enlightening.

And best of all, he takes some pretty good shots at both the left and right. The bowtie, however, has inexplicably disappeared.

Terrence McCarthy

9:45 AM

Terry #1 knows how to do it. Watching cable news on a treadmill is the perfect way to experience this delivery system for banality. Talk about parallel process. You do all that work, expend all that energy ( watching " the news " ) and where does it get you?



12:07 PM

Terry as in Terry Cowgill? I can't keep you guys straight. Terry C... I'm surprised you like Carlson. My impression was that you thought he was "the clown from St George's". I tend to think he's OK, and understand completely why the bow tie was ditched. Bow ties have an air of silliness about them.

Terry 2... Fox News as a parallel universe. I like that. Seems that way to me too.


8:19 PM

Tucker was apparently class clown at St. George's, but a smart one. BTW watch what you say about bow ties. I wear one ...