Blame It On the Swift Boaters

This morning while watching the distinctly untelegenic CNN political correspondent Candy Crowley discuss the Hillary/Geffen/Obama dust up, I thought, "I wonder how they are going to blame this on the Republicans?" After all, aren't we the source of all evil in politics?

Well, it didn't take long. As if on cue, Crowley explained that the reason Hillary snapped back so hard at Geffen and the Obama camp was that she didn't want to suffer the fate of John Kerry who was "Swiftboated" during the '04 presidential campaign. Bullseye!

I just love the whole John Kerry as victim of The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth meme. Never do we hear about the numerous ridiculous claims by Kerry about his Vietnam service (can anyone say Christmas in Cambodia?). Never do we hear about the actual accusations made by the Swift Boat guys . Even after CBS and the Democrats actually fabricated evidence to "prove" that Bush was AWOL from his Alabama National Guard commitments, the press has continued to cover for John Kerry's Other Than Honorable Discharge from the Navy and his clearly illegal activities in Paris after the war.

My uncle was approached by the Swift Boat guys in '04 because he served with Kerry in Vietnam. Being a judge, he couldn't participate in politics and he declined. But he doesn't dispute anything he and I read in Unfit for Command, the Swift Boat guys' book.

Kerry was an incompetent officer, roundly disliked by his peers, disloyal to his commanders, and was quickly relieved of duty for his poor performance and politicking in a war zone. He served only four months in the Mekong Delta and, upon his return to the United States (while still on the reserve duty), he met with the enemy in Paris in an effort to independently negotiate a "peace" settlement. All this, plus his anti-war political activities while still on reserve duty.

It was completely appropriate for the Swift Boat guys to expose Kerry. He has a terrible military record and it made clear the fraudulence of the "Reporting for Duty" rhetoric that was being promoted in the presidential campaign. Further, it was important that voters know what Kerry did in Paris. The President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces, and electing a guy who had, for all intents and purposes, committed treason would have had tragic consequences. Clinton was roundly despised by the military and our forces suffered immeasurably under his command. Kerry would have been much, much worse.

In any case, I just love how the press has turned the Swift Boat thing into an example of nefarious Republican campaign tactics. Even when the Democrats are tearing each other apart in the pre-primary season, they find a way to promote the "Swift Boat" story line. I suppose it shouldn't be surprising, but it is still pretty amazing.



7:19 PM

I was waiting for them to blame the GOP, too.

As for Crowley, I always assumed she must be very good at what she does b'c it's nearly impossible to make it on TV if you're homely AND chubby. I guess I was wrong.