When You Can't Believe the News

As I predicted here, the mainstream media are willfully misreporting facts related to the Scooter Libby trial. MSNBC and the Washington Post are just the latest serial liars. But the New York Times, the AP and virtually all the rest of the Big Media are doing the same.

This is no surprise. They have been distorting the facts, misreporting events and bending the truth since the first day that the name Scooter Libby was plastered across the front pages of America's newspapers.

So I won't go on and recount all the ways that journalists are producing substandard news product in an effort to further their own political agendas. That happens so often it gets lame repeating it again and again.

Rather, I'll just note that if you are interested in this trial, Tom McGuire and his host of commentors reside at Just One Minute. They have provided the most informed and entertaining reporting on "Valerie Plame Affair" since day one. JOM is info central for all trial news.

Update: This works too.