What Does This Say?

A house guest just left a copy of the December 28 New York Times on my dining room table this morning. This is the headline across the top of Page One:

"After Death of President, Tributes Are Set for Capital"

So I did a quick Technorati search. I tried "NYT can't spell". Nothing. Then I tried, "NYT, headline, capitol". Nothing. Then I went to TimesWatch and a couple of other Times bashing sites. No mention.

What does this mean? That people can't spell? That bloggers don't read the paper version of the New York Times? That no one reads the New York Times anymore?

What am I missing?

Update: A friend tells me what I'm missing. Capital (as in the whole city rather than the building itself, is spelled with an "a"). Looks like I need to stick to business...



8:23 PM

Maybe the Times editor meant DC generally, rather than the building. That would explain the spelling of capitol with an "a."