The Web on Your Desktop

Ryan Stewart at TechCrunch writes about the forthcoming release of Apollo, a cross platform technology from Adobe that may bring many of the features of the web to desktop documents.

Early adopters to the platform have the potential to reap a bonanza and bring about the gold-rush like mentality that swept the web. Is someone going to figure out how to serve AdWords on the desktop with Apollo’s online/offline capabilities? Is it a new way to deliver rich media? A killer solution for email that spans web and desktop and integrates IM or VoIP? A new way to tie customers back to online properties? Desktop development is now going to be as open as web development was and the entrepreneurial spirit is going to bring about some fantastic innovation that blends the best of the web and the best of the desktop. That’s something that end users and startups alike will benefit from.

I'm left to wonder if the hackers won't have a field day.