Tony Gwynn... Congrats

Tony Gwynn, one of the great hitters of all time, made it in the Hall of Fame today. On the first ballot. He richly deserved this honor and I congratulate him wholeheartedly.

It is nice to see a pure hitter honored by the Hall. So often people focus on the long ball, and forget about the value of the pure contact hitter. Tony was a hitter's hitter, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by the greatest one of all time.

Additionally, Tony is just a damn nice guy. He takes the time to help others for love of people and the game of baseball. You don't even mind his high pitched voice when he's in the announcer's booth because you know you're getting the best baseball commentary there is to be had.

Congrats to Cal Ripkin who also got in the first ballot. Cal is not in the first tier of baseball greats, but he is tops in the "ironman" category, and that counts for a lot.

And to those who didn't make it? Well, some of you need to look long and hard look at the syringe that was your friend, and appreciate that if some of us have anything to say, you won't ever be making speeches at Cooperstown.