Taking in the Trash

I can hear it now. Brits and Euros coming out of the woodwork to declare that the Yanks may finally learn to appreciate the one and only true sport.

Of course that didn't happen after we hosted two Olympics and a World Cup. But since "Septics" can only appreciate things in the context of mindless pop celebrity and Hollywood drivel, this will surely get the point through our congenitally congested crania.

In any case, it is true. Becks is coming to LA.

Are you really surprised? Wasn't it inevitable that his brilliant bride would inevitably come here to claim the mantle of "Trash Princess of the Globe" from the reigning queen? That, after all, can only be done by actually planting your awfully enhanced self at the heart of the kingdom.

Beckham, at age 31, is pretty much on the back side of his career. As such, this is a good move not only for his wallet, but also his knees. At Madrid, he'd surely be getting run down by a host of Brazilian football geniuses for the next two years. In the States, he'll remain at the top of the heap until he has to hook up with a walker on the sidelines.

Frankly, I think this is good for US soccer, Los Angeles, and for Beckham. And it would seem, on the face of it, to be good for Posh. But one has to wonder if she can make it in the "show". It's a whole new ball game and it's hard to start anew in a place where no one remembers you as a fresh faced pop idle.

But mostly, this is good for me. After years of downward cast eyes and apologetic mumbling about American "culture", now I get to crow at the Brits for heaving their trash on our lawn.