The Stage is Set in France

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy officially launched his presidential bid today. He will face Segolene Royal, the Socialist Party candidate. As always, Jean Marie Le Pen will be in the mix and although he was able to reach the run off election last time around, it seems less likely he'll have an impact in this election.

Sarkozy is the most serious of the candidates and well right of center by French standards. But he'll have a tough job winning this election. The press will give him a constant drubbing, depicting him as "hard line" and sympathetic to "Anglosphere Econonomics", which is quite the insult in France. Plus, I bet there are a fair number of French who will vote for Royal simply because they want a woman to hold the office.

Honestly speaking, I'm pulling for Royal. First of all, she will be much more pleasant to watch. And secondly, her socialist policies, if implemented, will surely deal a crushing blow to the French economy. And a weak France is a good France in my book.

But she may turn out to be a Socialist of the Mitterrand ilk. Old Francois talked a good socialist game prior to being elected, but when early in his first term the economy took a huge dive, most of his socialist initiatives were soon forgotten.



8:43 AM

Heh, well if you want a weak Frech economy, Royal is a good pick. But if you want a new partner for the US in the international arena, Sarkozy will be it. In that case, a strong France would be good for America.
French Election 2007


11:43 AM

You could be right, but I don't have a lot of confidence that Sarkozy would be much different from Chirac. After all, since France has just one ace to play (security council seat), it seems to me they'll continue to try and leverage that. I like Sarkozy, it's just the rest of the country I don't trust.