Skype Live

I recently set up Skpe for my company. We do lots of international calling, so it makes sense. And overall I am pleased with the service. The call quality is much better than I had expected, the IM system has many more features than the Microsoft chat client I used previously, and of course the cost is negligible.

But today I discovered something called "Skype Live". It is essentially open call conferencing. Groups of people get on group calls and talk about predetermined subjects. I jumped on a call about the influence of America on globalization. It was hosted by a Muslim guy in Chicago and there were a bunch of Brits and Australians debating away. The level of discourse was pretty, shall I say, basic. So I didn't last long.

I did, though, have this thought about Skype Live. It could be used for virtual book clubs. The problem with book clubs in general is that in order to get enough participants, the books have to be pretty basic fare. But with Skype Live it would be possible draw on large enough audiences to discuss special interest books, like history, or military strategy, or philosophy.

It will be interesting of such a thing, or some other group concept, emerges out of this new service.