Reinventing (Rubber) Chicken

Mitt Romney raised $6.5 million in one day this week. That's kinda like Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points on one night in Hershey, PA. No one has ever come close.

How did he do it? Well, the long and short of it is that he re-invented fund raising - described by Dean Barnett in his article The Yogi the Bear Candidate.

Dean details how traditional fund raising has always been done by collecting a bunch of rich guys and gals in a room and feeding them lousy chicken. Everyone hates the process and it turns out most rich folks would rather just write a check at their own dinner table. But due to the way campaigns have been covered by the traditional media, candidates have thought it necessary to put on an "event" while money grubbing.

Then Mitt Romney comes on the scene. The guy who made around a half a billion dollars by reinventing how we shop for paper, pencils and staplers figured the traditional process was largely inefficient and wasteful. So he pulled together a team and found a better way to raise money. They went on-line and ordered some software from They got their key supporters from around the country in one room. And then they did a "smile and dial" until they had more money than if you served three thousand chicken dinners.

In recent days, Mitt Romney has shown himself to be adept at reinventing the rules of the campaign game. Hit with a YouTube video of a 1994 video declaring himself "pro-choice", the Romney campaign immediately hit back with an appearance on the Glenn & Helen Show, the podcast of Instapundit author Glenn Reynolds and his wife Helen. The CBO (Chief Blogging Officer) of the Romney campaign videoed the phone conversation and had excerpts up on YouTube within 24 hours. Fast, nimble, smart.

The 2004 campaign brought a host of new technologies and strategies to presidential politics. The 2008 campaign will bring more. Expect the Romney campaign to lead all others with new ideas and thinking. That is what Romney was known for in his business career and during his term as Governor of Massachusetts.

As for the competition? Watch out.



12:03 AM

The comparison of the Mittster to Wilt ends at the latter's sybaritic adventures. Mitt is a hunk but he is so pure he makes sister Bertille look like a hoser.

Howard Dean had a techno savvy campaign, too, but he crashed and burned. Any similarities or differences (Mitt doesn't scream)? Both had successful tenures as gov.


10:10 AM

My guess is that Howard Dean wasn't so techno savvy, but Joe Tripi was. Plus, oldest rule in the political book. You can't win with a bad candidate.


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