Excerpt of letter from informed lawyer to Powerline Blog:

It seems quite clear that this whole "investigation" was designed to provoke a "process violation" that could be charged against a predetermined target. Fitzgerald knew there was no leak-related offense, and his "investigation" ignored all leads that didn't lead to Libby (OK, he might have liked to ensnare Cheney and/or Rove, too).


It is in fact a textbook case of the incestuous cooperation between the MSM, liberals within the Executive Branch--the war against the Administration--and probably behind it, some Democratic Senators and their staffers. The defense just may expose a lot of what has been business as usual for too long in WDC.

Can't disagree with much of that. My only hope that this case spells the end of Fitzgerald's career. He clearly was trying to make a name for himself, and considered the case a convenient way to do so. He deserves the Nifong treatment.