The Power of Speech

Bush gets on TV and doubles down on Iraq. What happens? The rats start scurrying off the ship and the good guys take a bold step.

If anyone wonders how much damage the constant defeatism from the press and the Democrats do to the war effort, just take a look what happens when someone steps up and announces that he is going to try and win.



5:55 PM

One question:

McCain is a big booster of the Iraq war, but you still despise him.

Doesn't his support of Bush on this issue buy him any respect from guys like you?


6:11 PM

First, I don't "despise" anyone. No one I can think of anyway, and certainly no one in politics. I see them all (except RR, TR, WC and a few others) as above average salespeople. Mitt is an exception too, I suppose.

And yes, McCain gets credit for his war stance, but he's competing against a whole stable of candidates who have the same position (except Brownback, but he's not a realistic candidate).

In fact, I'm more inclined toward Bush's war strategy (increase in troops but not in the greater number that McCain supports).

McCain gets my criticism for his Gang of 14 style of politics. It's all about him, the team be damned.

There are still some of us around who think that party politics is good for the country. They drive compromise and political stability. People who put themselves above the party don't get the support of party loyalists.

That's some straight talk, no?