No Beating the Curve

From Tony Blankley:

If we are going to throw in the towel, then we should bring the troops home promptly, lick our wounds and prepare for the inevitable Third Gulf War, which we will have to fight under far worse conditions than currently. Either of those options are at least honest (although the latter is dangerously foolish).

But the current mentality in Washington -- to pretend that there is a third way between victory and defeat -- is morally despicable. Washington politicians of both parties are trying to salve their consciences for the ignominy of accepting defeat by fooling either themselves or the public into believing they are doing otherwise.

Perhaps they can fool their own flaccid minds, but history grades hard and true. And history may enter its ledger with shocking promptness.

There's no beating the curve on this one. Either we win or we lose. But I agree with the Powerline guys. If the weak kneed legislators in Washington want to invoke an alternative policy, they should propose one and implement it. That's what they are there for. Propose to cut off funds. Recommend pulling out.

I signed this last week. And I think others should too. If the silly ones in the Senate and the House want to cover their butts at the expense of those fighting on the ground in Iraq, the least we can do is guarantee that they will never get a dime from us.