Michael Brecker, RIP

The great jazz saxophonist Michael Brecker died yesterday after a tough battle with leukemia. He was 57.

Brecker was probably the greatest sax player of his generation. He won 11 Grammy Awards and was a great inspiration to those of us who had the pleasure of following his music. I saw him several times when he was at the top of the jazz world in New York in the late 1980's. His shows were always energetic and inspiring.

There are too many examples of his great talent to list here, but one album that I listen to regularly was his collaboration with Pat Metheny called 80/81. The song Every Day (I Thank You) on that record is just lovely.

Michael Brecker, thanks for the years of music, and Rest in Peace.



6:05 PM

I, too, was/am a huge Michael Brecker fan. My favorite tenor sax solo of his was a live version of Mingus's Goodbye Porkpie Hat with Joni Mitchell's touring band in the late 70s/early 80s.

Also in that band were Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, Lyle Mays and I forget who was on drums(maybe Danny Gottlieb).

That solo totally sends me. Energetic and evocatively sensual.

A huge talent is gone ...