A Little CYA, NBC?

Let's say we pull out the troops and the genocide starts. I picture troops coming off the planes telling their friends and family that we could have won, if not for the constant negative drumbeat coming from the media. The inevitable backlash might just take an already weakened MSM and send it into a tailspin.

Imagine the congressional hearings. Chastened senators absorbing the testimony of corporals and sergeants telling heartfelt stories of their Iraqi brothers now presumably being slaughtered by Iranian proxies. Gold star mothers stoically describing the sacrifice that they and theirs made for an unappreciative country. Breathless talk radio hosts running anti-incumbent campaigns against the "spineless" politicians who lost the war.

This would not be post-Vietnam redux. Two million dead Vietnamese, boat people, detention camps, and Cambodian genocide could not be swept under the rug by Walter Cronkite like news people controlling the message. No, this is the age of 24 hour news channels, talk radio and the internet. The already weakened mainstream media might possibly be eaten alive for their war reporting. It could be quite uuugly.

So I imagine this kind of reporting has in it some element of Cover Your Ass. Because if and when the MSM has to answer to the troops for their war reporting, there might just be hell to pay.