Lehrer Dedicates Marine Museum

If the sign of a good news announcer is that his personal politics are hard to detect, then Jim Lehrer is the best in the business. Recently, his distaste for the War in Iraq has begun to show, but he still rates well above the competition.

The one thing that Lehrer never tries to hide is his pride in the Marine Corps. At the recent dedication of the new Marine Museum at Quantico, he gave a wonderful speech that pulled at the heart strings of anyone who has served in the Corps. One supposes that "real" Marines (i.e. those presently serving or Marines who served in combat) might have found it overly nostalgic. But for those of us who look fondly back on our peacetime service, it was all that a Marine dedication speech needed to be.

As a footnote, let me mention that the other speeches of the day left something to be desired. The outgoing Commandant's speech was, shall we say, weak. And President Bush's words were well formed, but poorly delivered. He had a great deal of difficulty controlling his emotions and, as a result, came off as a weak leader. It is understandable that he might feel the strain of the loss of so many young men and women, but, as Commander and Chief, it is incumbent on him to control his emotions. He clearly did not.

Update: I'm reading this by Jim Lehrer now. Good so far.