Jim DeMint Weighs in for Romney

South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint today announced that he will be supporting Mitt Romney in his presidential bid. This is making the rounds on the right side of the blogosphere and is generally being noted in the context of Lindsey Graham's close relationship with John McCain. Due to McCain's lack of popularity among the Republican faithful, Graham is generally considered in the GOP as a kind of a little, brown nosed brother to McCain.

DeMint's support for Romney is no surprise to those of us who follow the Romney effort closely. When Mitt was down here a couple of months ago, DeMint introduced Romney at the event and had some very nice words to say about both Mitt and Anne Romney. I had a chance to kibitz with DeMint after the speech and he was very engaging and quite enthusiastic about the Romney effort. I got the impression that he not only did he like Mitt personally, but that he thought it was important to stop the McCain candidacy here in South Carolina, as it was in 2000.

DeMint is known in South Carolina for his strong business background, and I think he relates to Romney on that level (see this). Both men were successful in business before going into politics and tend to approach public policy from a problem solving perspective, rather than in the more common politically centric way.

No matter how the next year progresses, I think DeMint will be a good man on the ground for Romney in the all important South Carolina effort. And certainly it is nice to see that Lindsey Graham has a colleague who isn't shy about taking his stand against McCain.