iPhone First Impression


Things like this always look the best on Day One, but the iphone is as much as anyone had predicted, and I would say more. There's way too much to discuss in this first post, but several things really impress at first look.

- The hand touch technology looks to be a full generation ahead of any other out there. Ditto for the portrait/landscape shifting.

- The Bluetooth headset is better looking than anything on the market today. The real test is how well it filters background noise, but I for one have not bought a headset simply because they look so damn goofy. This one does not.

- The sizing of the phone itself was a very good call. I downgraded from the smart phones (Treo) as my eyes started going bad because they were just too damn small. The iphone is almost a cross between a UMPC and a phone. And it's thin and sexy.

- The design is vintage Apple - innovative and gorgeous. Fortunately they didn't try a do-over of the ipod styling, but rather opted for a unique silver rim look. Nice.

- It's world phone, which is great. Good in Asia, NA and Europe.

- And of course, it has everything you'd want... phone, internet, i-pod, geo, SMS, and more. In fact, it's really a unique new gadget because none of the component parts/serviced dominate the others. It's not a phone you can listen to music on or an ipod you can make calls on. It is a mobile platform for everything you want in your pocket (well, not everything, I guess.)

In the next week or so the critics will come out of the woodwork and let everyone know what is missing, inadequate, poorly thought out or unstable. For instance, the roll-out model is only 4 gig, and 8 gig won't be out 'til June. I'm sure there's other stuff, too. (Hopefully, there won't be the type of software problems they had with the last generation ipods.)

But my first impression is that this thing could (and I repeat "could") do to the smartphone sector what the ipod did to the mobile music sector, ie "take it to school".