Hatchet Packard

Today was a wasted day.

As is my practice, I awoke, made some coffee, and sat down in my overstuffed chair with built in mouse pad and bluetooth keyboard. And then nothing. Not the familiar whir of the fan. Not the usual glow from my beautiful 23 inch Gateway landscape wide screen monitor. Just a dead box sitting in my computer cabinet and a blank screen.

So off to Harry, my local computer guy who God sent to my local strip mall so that I stay connected with the internet and the world.

Hewlett Packard. Talk about a company that has perfected the concept of planned obsolescence. On the day after my one year warranty ended, the hard drive, the video card, the DVD drive and a couple of other components went bust. Back then Harry replaced them all, to the tune of about $300.

Of course HP had no sympathy - none whatsoever. To them, a year is a year is a year. They recommended that the next time I buy their extended warranty. Like I'll ever buy an HP computer again.

By now, I am past expecting that Hewlett Packard will help with anything. Harry quickly diagnosed the problem as a bad power supply. Apparently power supplies come in various levels of quality. HP's idea is to stock the cheapest ones possible in their media PCs. Live and learn. Replacing it cost me $67.

So now I'm back up and responding to a backlog of emails, IMs and phone calls (thank God for Skype). But I did have the opportunity to continue my conversation with Harry about building a new PC. We've been talking about this for awhile and had planned on waiting 'til Vista came out. But it now looks like Vista is going to arrive tomorrow as a work in progress. So we decided to wait until all the bugs were worked out. We'll give that another six months or so.

Meanwhile, we decided that Harry should replace the processor and the motherboard in this clunky old HP. At that point it will be an HP box with not one significant HP component left in it. Kind of like George Washington's hatchet. Two new heads and four new handles but absolutely the one he used to cut down the cherry tree.