Going Ugly, Early

Looks like McCain might try to go "ugly, early" on Mitt Romney. Not that I believe anything I read in the Boston Globe. But I suppose I can believe basic facts, like McCain hiring a New England hit man. And it does seem likely that McCain has learned something from the beating Bush gave him in South Carolina back in 2000 (although the "illegitimate child" thing is a crock).

It is true, though, that McCain's only hope against Romney is to somehow weaken him with conservative voters in the early primaries. Whether that is possible is another question. McCain is so weak with the Republican base that I don't think things like decades old YouTube videos are going to do the trick. His only hope with conservatives is to convince them that Romney cannot handle the war.

Mitt is just back from the Middle East and I'd bet that there, like in other places, he left a trail of people very impressed with his political skills. So time is not on McCain's side. And the Iowa caucuses are a long way off.