Global Warming Update

1) Weatherperson wants to decertify skepticism, or... Stop Science Now!

2) The Gore Effect. Hope it doesn't snow for the Oscars.

And by the way, for people wondering what happens when science gets politicized, you may want to bone up on that whole eugenics thing. And its biggest advocate.



12:47 PM

Robert Kennedy Jr just wrote another piece in the Huffington post listing as evidence of global warming (among other things) "robins and bluebirds in upstate New York" and a friend of his who had just picked some asparagus. This was supposed to convince skeptics that man is indeed causing climate change.

Gee, Bob, what about the ice storms in the south and the record and devastating freezes in southern California? What exactly are we to make of that?

There is no doubt that the earth is becoming warmer. The question is how much man is contributing to it. Listening to clowns like Kennedy talk about science is no better than reading Bill O'Reilly to learn about history. Junk food for the brain ...