European Anti-Semitism

Richard Baehr at the American Thinker writes a long and comprehensive post on anti-Semitism in Europe. Although there is plenty to argue with, it brings to the fore many of the issues being hotly debated in America about Muslim immigration/integration, Middle East influence in Europe, European demographics and the perception in America that Europe is on the decline.

He boils down anti-Israel sentiment in Europe to:

1. Europe's dependence on Middle East oil
2. Europe's rivalry with the US
3. The growing number of Muslims and their militancy
4. The small number of Jews, and their passivity
5. The role of elites in Europe's politics
6. Europe's long term disease of anti-Semitism, and
7. The decline of Christianity in Europe.

Most of these points are made in Mark Steyn's book America Alone, which has been flying off the shelves in the US and Canada for the last couple of months. Others are less willing to accept many of these points (including, presumably, most Europeans), so the debate rages on.