Damn Elitists... Quit Reading

Wired tells us that blogs and sites like Wikopedia are "ruthlessly elitist". Not that that bothers me much.

But it is interesting in the context of politics. Candidates like Mitt Romney have figured out that in the initial stages of a campaign, internet advertising is useful in reaching political "influencers" (he says so on this podcast). Not unlike the way Hollywood uses pop culture blogs to generate "buzz" about an upcoming movie, politicians are now using YouTube and blogs to reach people who will influence their friends and family in a personal way.

In the new media environment "word of mouth" is a more efficient form of advertising than "touching" consumers on a mass scale. And the "elites" are being tasked with spreading the buzz.

Kind of changes the meaning of the word, really.



1:04 PM

Just because something is used by a relative handful of people doesn't make it elitist.

I associate elitism with snobbery. I see more of that on one page of the New York Times than in 1,000 blogs.

By that same measure, talk radio is elitist, since only 1% of its listeners typically call in.

BTW Spencer Reiss, a contributing editor for Wired, lives right here in Salisbury, Conn.

He is somewhat conservative, drives around an old beat-up Volvo and reads and contributes to blogs. The anti-elitist ...


1:07 PM

Kind of knocks his theory all to hell. Good point.


1:10 PM

PS Pretty much what I meant to imply with the last sentence.