The Competence Issue

At least one of you is going to raise his eyes to heaven and say "get over yourself". But here goes.

On the day after Bush was re-elected in 2004, I predicted to a table full of Republican supporters at the Union League in Philadelphia that Mitt Romney would be the president to follow Bush in 2008. Amazingly, a good half of the people at the table didn't even recognize his name.

Today, Mitt raised $6.5 Million in one day for the financial kick-off of his campaign. David Frum has a great post on why the man no one had heard of is now center stage in the campaign for the presidency.

Update: Some are already declaring victory. That's dangerous, but McCain might want to start thinking pretty hard.



10:50 PM

Hey, I like the Mittster, if for no other reason than the fact that my lefty friends in Mass. hate him.

Interesting piece in The Hartford Courant Sunday examining why a disproportionate number of Mormons are successful in business.

Written by a Mormon but didn't seem terribly biased. The gist was "an executive with a happy family life is a more productive executive." An interesting read.


1:31 AM

I was really more referring to my constant harping on one prediction that may or may not even be worth boasting about.


8:36 AM

Oh I know. I can't wait until he either wins or crashes and burns. Then we can await your next prediction -- Santorum for secretary of state?