Broken Army Talk

I wish the people running around claiming the Army is "broken" would somehow stumble across this. It is too much to ask, I know, but actually knowing the facts would improve the quality of the conversation. But I'm also skeptical that they want to improve the quality of the conversation.

Update: Read the comment from an Iraq veteran. Kind of contradicts everything you've heard about the reserves.



1:17 PM

...speaking as one who just spent seven years and two wartime deployments in the Army National Guard, all the constant talk of the mal effects of high operational tempo and over-commitment is false. Recruiting and quality-of-recruits in the Reserves has never been better. It is precisely because of the opportunity for real-world action in service to the nation that makes military duty today attractive to young people who would never have been interested in Reserve duty pre-2001 when it primarily consisted of showing up at a drill hall one weekend per month to stand around and smoke...