Blair Speaks Truth to Power

Tony Blair:

"They (the terrorists) now know that if a suicide bomber kills 100 completely innocent people in Baghdad, in defiance of the wishes of the majority of Iraqis who voted for a non-sectarian government, then the image presented to a Western public is as likely to be, more likely to be, one of a failed Western policy, not another outrage against democracy."

And the American Thinker comments:

"No one can claim that the occupation of Iraq is a slam dunk success. But keep in minds that in 1949 it was far from obvious that the occupation of Japan was a slam dunk, either. When people pronounce Iraq a disaster, I always ask myself "Compared to what?" Earlier military occupations, unencumbered with hostile media and a domestic opposition seeking political gain from failure abroad, have been equally bloody and yet persisted through to victory. Consider the British in Malaya, or the Americans in the Philippines, for example. Both faced long insurgencies and ultimately triumphed."

Those were the days when politics stopped at the water's edge. These are the days when anything goes.