New Look

So... what do you think of the new look?

I know it's been a while and, given other blogging obligations, I'm not going to pretend that this blog will be updated enough to make it a regular read. But now that Google has fixed Blogger, I got inspired to fix up the 'ole blog and jump back in the saddle.

The problems with Blogger really got bad toward the end of the old version. It locked up all the time and didn't have enough functionality to avoid the inevitable forays into endless hours of HTML coding. Eventually I migrated over to WordPress on my blog that is focused on business.

But since last summer, Google has rolled out a number of services that work well as a suite. Accessible from a personal accounts page, they include the best on-line feed reader available, perfectly functional competitors to Word and Exel, a very good e-mail service, web marketing analytics, a great calendar, Google Notebook (useful for scraping text off the internet), a so-so web site creator, and a (not so great) personalized home page. There is more stuff to be had, but these are the services that I use on a regular basis.

Of course Blogger has been around as Google was building these other offerings but, as I've said, it didn't keep up well with its competitors. The new service, just out of Beta this week, is perfectly functional and has the additional benefit of being part of the broader menu of services. That is enough to keep me, and I suspect others, from migrating away from Blogger permanently.

One key feature of the new Blogger is the variety of "permissions" it offers. I've set up another blog which is closed to the public and acts as a personal diary and place for keeping links, notes and other stuff. It is completely blank, just a white screen. Everything there is saved to free storage capacity and accessible from anywhere. Now I just open the blog, jot some thoughts, and move on. It's a great tool.

Google is really doing a great job of enabling the transition from the PC hard drive to on line services, and I offer a big thumbs up to the new Blogger.